Summers not yet over! September 11 2015

This Saturday from Midday we will have a stall at the Minchinhampton Village fete near Stroud! I am taking my daughter to help me , as at 13 she needs to pay me back so much she wants me to pay her so she can pay me?? whatever!

The venue will be fabulous and tho its a first time there for me, I will get to see fellow crafters and have a great day even if I am working. Lets keep fingers stared for great weather ...Indian summers here we go!

Getting ready for the Newbury Royal Berkshire show as well the following week, so it had better be warm as I am reluctantly camping in a tent ! Either that or Ill book the Hilton. Extremes! 

So ive just sent out a Mail Campaign via Mail Chimp, its taken me all day to design and send , so let me know if you want to be added to the mailing list via email please, as I dont have fangled techno to do it any other way.

This will make sure that you get updates of my seasonal events and website promotion, new designs and general stuff xx 

Glastonbury Festival Trading June 19 2015

Preparing to do a stall at  Glastonbury Festival is always hard much to remember. Camping behind the stall in our falling apart vintage caravan and remembering to pack enough provisions for a week of rain or shine?

Apprehensive as usual, and getting prepared for a grueling schedule and 14 hour days of standing and selling, not a lot of sleep , ear plugs at hand, and no facilities other than a portaloo and a water carrier. ...mmmm hummmm...and on top of all that packing all the workshop and stock and stall and food and parphinaliah do you spell that!

Heres to a good one! and three weeks of recovery after! Only young once and i think its time to grow up :-) ?